Pizza Pizza!

Gastronomical travels, j’adore! I just got back from a much needed vacation in Italy and Provence and ate pizza till it hurt! I still have a jillion places to try, but so far, my favorite was at Pizzeria Da Baffetto in Rome. Too bad I was completely enomoured with my food and forgot to take pictures. But here are some delicious pictures of ooey but not so gooey Neapolitan Pizza’s.

Pizzeria Da Michele. The best Marinara in the whole wide world!

Pizzeria La Notizia

On the way back to Paris, I stopped in Provence, in a small village called Mouries. I stayed at the most charming B&B, Mas de Vincent, where I had Flemmekueche or Alsatian Pizza, whatever you want to call it. This was probably the best pizza on the French side of the boarder!

Vacations are so wonderful!

May 9, 2009. Pizza.

One Comment

  1. Minyoung Kim replied:

    Love them all!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky you tried all of them yum….

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