Magazine on How Not to Cook!

I like to buy various cooking magazines and in the US, my personal fav is Gourmet. In France, I really like Elle a Table. The other weekend as I was traveling to St. Tropez, I bought this cooking magazine that pretty much tells you how not to cook. I mean, it’s helpful in a way…I think. Helpful in a way that as long as you do the complete opposite of what they tell you, your dish will be a huge success. The magazine is called ‘Cuisine Magazine.’ But I think it should be called ‘ne cuisine pas comme ca magazine.’ I mean, you have to try really hard to create a magazine that turns me off from wanting to cook. I think I may have lost my appetite looking thru. It could be a great little dieting trick. Whenever I feel the urge to eat, I can flip through so I lose my appetite? To all you out there, never buy this magazine!!! I’ve definitely read cooking magazines where I thought they could do better, but was never disgusted. This magazine is disgusting defined!

magI was being a huge dork and took a picture of one of the pages. I know that the hamburger is an American creation and we Americans do it best. But it’s really not that hard to make even a mediocre burger. This magazine teaches you exactly what a burger should not look like.

Worlds worst hamburger everI mean, seriously, who the hell stacks whole uncut veggies into a burger? And why is the cheese on the bottom most part of the burger? It’s supposed to be over the pattie so it melts all nice and cheesy like the way any cheeseburger should be. The worst part of this picture is that you can see the bottom of the pattie completely burnt. Yuck! The food editor who created this burger should be fired and blacklisted at every cooking magazine. But then again, maybe it should be the editor that gets negged. He is the one who approved of this disgustingly creative burger and allowed it to take up a whole page of a magazine. Anyhow, I don’t want to write anything too harsh about the magazine cause this is a public blog and I wouldn’t want anyone to think im a complete psycho. I would like to end this post by pointing out my utter dislike and ginormous disappointment towards this magazine and would like to recommend that no one every buy this mag!!!


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Jammin it

jammin jamMAKES 1 jar

1½ cup (240g) black cherries, seeds removed and halved
1 cup (140g) black currents
1 cup (150g) sugar
2 tablespoons (30ml) of red wine
2 cardamom seeds

Wash the berries. Add all ingredients into a pot and let cook on medium heat until a cnady thermometer reaches 220 degrees (105 celcius). The consistency should be a little thick but still a bit watery.

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