Evergreen Shanghai – GT Lunch Special

Fried Chinese food after a fun night out. This is an obvious sequence for us cool party goers. Piggie went rogue…a complete renegade. Ordered Chinese for lunch instead of the usual American sushi rolls. And now piggie is in bad bad shape. Piggie probably didn’t need to eat every last morsel of rice…but it felt like the right thing to do. For $6.95, this was definitely the right thing to do.

Fortune: A new wardrobe brings great joy and change to your life


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Piggie’s eating habits…a closer look

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Bread & Butter – Daily Green Juice

Piggie had a very long night last night. Filled with all the sacs de douches of the world that congregate in this amazing city. Piggie likes to go to such places once in a while and act douchy while drinking fake champagne. It makes piggie feel cool. After a long night of fake champagne drinking, piggie desperately needed something to rehydrate and rejuvenate so on to seamlessweb the beautiful piggies goes. Bread & Butter, 2 daily green juices and a liter bottle of Volvic to get to $15 min delivery fee…DONE. It tastes exactly the way it looks. Dericious!

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Bread & Butter – Tummy Tuner Juice

Piggie felt healthy and also needed to place a minimum order of $15 for seamlessweb delivery from Bread & Butter Deli. She’s drinking this simultaneously with some black coffee and the taste is rather bizarre. Will prob stick to green juice next time. I give the Tummy Tuner juice a 5 for weirdness and late delivery.

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Midori Sushi – Beef Negimaki Bento Lunch

For a mere $9.50, piggie got a lunch negimaki special with negimaki, california rolls, salad, steamed veggies, shrimp shumai, miso soup, another huge serving of white rice AND a orange slices for palate cleansing purposes. Japanese are so considerate. Although, my delivery guy was Mexican and the chef at the place I think is Chinese…Piggie was in bad shape after eating every last piece of rice. The corn made piggie farty. Piggie loves CA rolls. So sacrelig, but soooooo delish and don’t nobody disagree!!!

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Mapo Tofu House

This little piggie kept ordering online from this place called Mapo Tofu House because piggie couldn’t find Wu Liang Ye. Piggie just recently found out WLY went down and changed their name. But whatever the case is Mapo Tofu House is sick. Sickly good. On seamlessweb, if I were to give a rating, I’d give them a 10. One of piggie’s posse members sent in a picture of their lunch. The sweet French piggie really ate like a piggie didn’t she?!?

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Midori Sushi 2 roll lunch special

American sushi rolls…who doesn’t like?!? California rolls, spicy tuna roll…spider rolls with the spicy mayonnaise!!! Yum Yum Yum!!! After 2 back to back green juices, the piggie ordered a salmon avocado roll and a yellowtail scallion roll, which obviously comes with miso soup, all for only $8.50. I give this a 10 for perfect amount of food, good price, fast delivery and overall contentment in the belly.

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Hello world!

There once lived a beautiful piggie in a small small cube. The only way for her to reach freedom was to eat as much as she could and explode out of the teeny tiny space. Thanks to seamlessweb.com, the beautiful piggie was soon going to get out of the cube and reach the other side where there were beautiful unicorns and rainbows.

I eat everything and you love it!

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