Piggie didn’t order from seamless but the intercom rang…WEIRD…there was a bike messenger delivering raw steak??? WEIRDER. He delivered the package to piggies lair and it was in a brown lunch bag and mushy. STILL WEIRD. But the package had piggies name on it and it was not only steak but there was also bacon! AWESOME! Delivery boyee said it was coming from Schatzies Butcher shop. AWESOME! Piggie asked Schatzies who ordered it…For all I know it could have been one of piggies frenemies trying to poison her because they’re jealous of piggies eating abilities. But they said it was some dood from Singapore. AWESOME! Piggie didn’t want to open the packaging quite yet, so felt it up a little and could immedes tell with her delicate little genius hands that it was a prime ribeye, just over an inch thick. AWESOMER!

Raw Meat

Bacon was thick cut! AWESOME!!! Piggie whipped up a quick dinner of perfect medium rare steak with anchovie gremolata. Close up visual below…big picture necessary!



This little piggie is a city pig so no grill in the apt…hence used a skillet on a stove on medium high heat…3 minutes on each side and everything was just so perfect.


June 13, 2013. Derishious, homemade, Ribeye, Steak.

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