This Little Piggie Cooks

Piggie took a break from Candy Crush Saga and decided to fatten up for an upcoming trip to St. Tropez. Everyone knows being plump is the only way to exude extreme wealth and stature.

Piggie happened to have jumbo lump crab meat and fresh wild pacific salmon sitting in the fridge. Twas perfect for a very light two course seafood dinner!

First course was crab avocat…The Lawyer Crab! But because Piggie is a genius creative amateur chef and so clever with matching up exotic flavors, the lawyer crab was amazing. Avocados on the bottom with crab, lemon zest, chives and easter radishes and obvi mayo and the green moat is a pea puree with tarragon. Piggie almost died. It was so good.


Second course was salmon. Piggie never cooks fish at home because it smells. But it had to be done. Can’t let a beautiful persimmon colored wild pacific salmon go bad. Piggie got fancy…orange butter, easter radishes, morels and also a quick savoy cabbage and bacon slaw. Oh yes…and peas…carrying over some ingredients from the first course to keep the flavors consistent and reduce waste because Piggie is all about sustainability and stuff.


This was pretty much another amazing dinner and am so happy Piggie was able to eat it alone without sharing. Because let’s be honest…great things should never be shared and enjoyed alone so you can brag and make everyone jealous.


June 20, 2013. Tags: , . Derishious, homemade.

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