The Duck Says Quack

Piggie was invited to a fabulous dinner in Chelsea with fabulous people. Dinner was duck. YUM! And Piggie contributed by bringing dessert!!! We all know there’s only three ways to eat duck…Pan Seared, Roasted or Confit-ed. So I was in stunned silence when I heard of a boiled then roasted duck. It looked beautiful…

DuckThe taste and texture however…and there was still some plume on the duck…But it was all good as Piggie brought a delicious Lady M Mill Crepe cake and it pretty much saved the evening.


Someone brought cheap cookies for dessert. That’s just not proper etiquette.


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Eggs for Lunch

Piggie is back from a debaucherous week in the Monte Carlo and St. Trop and has kicked up detox into high gear (Food pix from vacay to come). So instead of going to the gym…Piggie met a friend for lunch at Sarabeth’s. How could I say no to cream cheesy scrambled eggs with a side of pork snausages. Think eating pork makes Piggie a cannibal…speaking of…everyone should watch the NBC series Hannibal. That Mads…so hot!!!


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This Little Piggie Cooks

Piggie took a break from Candy Crush Saga and decided to fatten up for an upcoming trip to St. Tropez. Everyone knows being plump is the only way to exude extreme wealth and stature.

Piggie happened to have jumbo lump crab meat and fresh wild pacific salmon sitting in the fridge. Twas perfect for a very light two course seafood dinner!

First course was crab avocat…The Lawyer Crab! But because Piggie is a genius creative amateur chef and so clever with matching up exotic flavors, the lawyer crab was amazing. Avocados on the bottom with crab, lemon zest, chives and easter radishes and obvi mayo and the green moat is a pea puree with tarragon. Piggie almost died. It was so good.


Second course was salmon. Piggie never cooks fish at home because it smells. But it had to be done. Can’t let a beautiful persimmon colored wild pacific salmon go bad. Piggie got fancy…orange butter, easter radishes, morels and also a quick savoy cabbage and bacon slaw. Oh yes…and peas…carrying over some ingredients from the first course to keep the flavors consistent and reduce waste because Piggie is all about sustainability and stuff.


This was pretty much another amazing dinner and am so happy Piggie was able to eat it alone without sharing. Because let’s be honest…great things should never be shared and enjoyed alone so you can brag and make everyone jealous.

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Piggie didn’t order from seamless but the intercom rang…WEIRD…there was a bike messenger delivering raw steak??? WEIRDER. He delivered the package to piggies lair and it was in a brown lunch bag and mushy. STILL WEIRD. But the package had piggies name on it and it was not only steak but there was also bacon! AWESOME! Delivery boyee said it was coming from Schatzies Butcher shop. AWESOME! Piggie asked Schatzies who ordered it…For all I know it could have been one of piggies frenemies trying to poison her because they’re jealous of piggies eating abilities. But they said it was some dood from Singapore. AWESOME! Piggie didn’t want to open the packaging quite yet, so felt it up a little and could immedes tell with her delicate little genius hands that it was a prime ribeye, just over an inch thick. AWESOMER!

Raw Meat

Bacon was thick cut! AWESOME!!! Piggie whipped up a quick dinner of perfect medium rare steak with anchovie gremolata. Close up visual below…big picture necessary!



This little piggie is a city pig so no grill in the apt…hence used a skillet on a stove on medium high heat…3 minutes on each side and everything was just so perfect.

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Piggie loves pho…not just cause it’s so heart warmingly delightful, but because it’s fun to say! fuh fuh fuh~! Piggie is having another health week while working in the south bay…and another salad just seemed so uninspiring and boring and too healthy. So Piggie went and got some fffffuuuuuh. Ummmmmm glutinous rice noodles. Dericious!

Pho Tai

I give this a 9 out of 10 for excellent broth, good value and overall yumminess. Deducted a point for making Piggie feel too full.

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WHAT IS IT??? It’s Black Carrot Cake!!!

Piggie was in Singapore recently and her posse dragged her to get some Black Carrot Cake and some duck rice thing at a hawker stand. Piggie loves carrot cake with thick unctuous cream cheese frosting so I was excited!!! Piggie wasn’t seeing well all weekend but that could be from extreme drinking…no one knows…so this was a chance to get some veggies and beta-keratin for improved vision and healthy skin! Piggie secretly wanted veggies all weekend so this was double exciting…

PiggieThe cake came…Piggie was all like…WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?!? It looked carby, glutinous, savory and completely not what Piggie was expecting. Below…close up. I like close ups and photos cause I lack imagination.

Black Carrot Cake

Piggie still doesn’t know why it’s called black carrot cake but it doesn’t matter. When something is this good…it just doesn’t matter. It could be called stinky feet and I’d still eat it. It doesn’t matter.

For unworldly fools out there still wondering what it tastes like…it’s like Pad See Ew…but take out the noodles and greens and whatever healthy option goes in there…keep the sauce and egg and sub in gelatinous turnip cake. You have to chew even less than with PSE…Perfect for the lazy person inside all of us. I give this an 11 out of 10 for shock value, superior taste, and good value.

The duck rice thing was tasty as hell but didn’t stand a chance against the carrot cake in terms of rating…so no review.

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Yummy Tuna Ceviche

Piggie loves tuna…raw, seared, out of a can, and especially when in the form of a spicy tuna maki roll. YUM! But piggie has a fickle palate and needed a change from the yooooj…and tuna ceviche seemed to be the right thing to do.


1/2 pound of sashimi grade tuna, 1 ripe haas avocado, 1/2 red onion, tons of cilantro, juice of 1 lime, fleur de sel and pepper…how can that combination not be derishuss. But then again, Piggie has fantastic little genius hands that make the most tastiest food in the world.

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Bay Area Health Day #1

Piggie is in the bay area this week and after 2 months of eating like a little pig, she is detoxing. Piggie love love lurvs the Whole Foods in the west coast. it’s just so much fresher and the food is way more tastier. Dinner was cioppino and vegan curry chicken salad.

The Cioppino was sooooooo delish. probably better than any I’ve had in a fancy resto.

cioppinoThe vegan curry chicken salad was really yummy and very well seasoned, but it was just too much soy protein for a meat lover. I will probably have this next month when I am back out here.


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Just another Sammich

Piggie was forced to graze outside of her cube today. So no seamlessweb…boo. But this is good for everyone involved. Piggie can eat something super different and exciting that’s not your average lunch fare, so Piggie got a ham and cheese sandwich with extra mayonnaise!!! Cuz that’s how we do! If you like mayo, you are obviously the right type of person Piggie should be hanging out with. There were so many different stuffing choices, but obviously Piggie chose the lowest sodium and leanest, HAM. Piggie likes pork because it it not only the gift that just keeps giving, but it is also a white meat. White in Piggies mind brings up mostly positive images like lard, white truffles and charmin ultra toilet paper.

The sammich was iight. A 4 out of 10 at most. Shoulda gotten sushee.

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Just plain YUM

Bacon…yum…I heart. Piggie also ate a ham, egg and cheese breakfast wrap. The whole wheat tortilla thang just seemed too healthy. But the extra bacon grease countered the whole wheat sitch. All in all, a very heart healthy weekday breakfast.

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