Panier de Crudites and Fun Sauces

St. Tropez was great fun this weekend. I love getting the Panier de Crudites when there. They didn’t have it at Les Palmiers this time but Tahiti had them. Isn’t it so much fun? And you get 3 different sauces for dipping! Mayo, anchoide and a seasoned fromage blanc. I felt like I was losing weight as I was cutting up the veggies. This is such a brilliant idea. Except the tomatoes. I really dislike tomatoes. I might serve a panier at my next dinner party!


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True Taste of French Terroir

I’ve had never ending vertigo so really not in the mood to cook. Actually not really in the mood to eat but rallied for a precious friend in town. Was going to offer to cook for her and try to get rid of some expensive heirloom tomatoes that are going ripe but was bed ridden all day. I feel like I’m always trying to get rid of tomatoes. Someone keeps giving them to me and feel guilty throwing them away. They are one of my least favorite produce to eat. Why the abundance of tomatoes…i really don’t know. But in any case, finally went to go checkout l’Auberge Bressane. The food, totally felt like i was in some tiny unnamed village in rural France eating such classic auberge-like food. So amazing. A must must try. Look at how good their food looks. I can just smell the pictures!

What’s this? Maybe just one of the bestest Oeufs en Meurette ever. It’s an amazing French concoction of some of my favorite ingredients in the whole wide world. Red wine sauce, lardon, button mushrooms, poached eggs and a little tiny bit of marrow. I wouldn’t put bone marrow on my favorites list…might actually end up in the non-fav list, but it’s so great in this dish because it melts down in the heat and makes the dish slightly more sumptuous with a slight gelatinous texture that sticks to the inside of your mouth and allows the red wine sauce to penetrate into all your taste buds for maximum flavor. It’s oozey, messy and just plain delish. This was my appetizer. I usually make good menu choices.

I could taste the terroir of Jura in the creamy vin jaune sauce in both the Bouchée à la Reine and Poularde! The Bouchée à la Reine contains ris de veau, which are on the top of my not to eat list, along with tomatoes…but the sauce is so good, you won’t really care. This was obviously not my dish. But I did end up licking off the sauce at the end. Almost ate the plate.

The poularde with vin jaune and morel sauce was amazing. Not sure I cared so much about the poulard part…but the sauce was excellent. If I hadn’t learned some social skills in prep school, I woulda taken the leg bit and gnawed on it like I do with KFC drumsticks. Then would have proceeded to lick my fingers. However, this was again not my dish.

This was my dish. Quenelle with sauce nantua. It’s a bit hard to describe what is it really…but it involves crayfish and it’s pretty good. It’s a huge pain to make at home and has a bit of a bready gnocchi texture. It’s made to swell up a bit during the cooking. This is very typical French country and it was quite good, but not as good as the other dishes. I ordered the wrong main course. Hate it when I do that.

L’Auberge Bressane is a great place to get typical French provincial cooking in Paris when you just don’t have time to take the tgv to small rural towns. It’s really rustic and cute inside in a medievel way. Whenever I read travel guides or even the NYtimes online about recommended places to eat in Paris, I see all these bullshit advices. Makes me so angry. Most of those advices lead you to a weird touristy place or another equally crap venue. I say try this place! You won’t be disappointed!

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