Bay Area Health Day #1

Piggie is in the bay area this week and after 2 months of eating like a little pig, she is detoxing. Piggie love love lurvs the Whole Foods in the west coast. it’s just so much fresher and the food is way more tastier. Dinner was cioppino and vegan curry chicken salad.

The Cioppino was sooooooo delish. probably better than any I’ve had in a fancy resto.

cioppinoThe vegan curry chicken salad was really yummy and very well seasoned, but it was just too much soy protein for a meat lover. I will probably have this next month when I am back out here.



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Just plain YUM

Bacon…yum…I heart. Piggie also ate a ham, egg and cheese breakfast wrap. The whole wheat tortilla thang just seemed too healthy. But the extra bacon grease countered the whole wheat sitch. All in all, a very heart healthy weekday breakfast.

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What to have for lunch…the eternal dilemma…but when in doubt, get sushee. It is just the right amount of carbs so that one does not fall into a deep dark and disturbing food coma at work and at the same time it is Japanese food made by Mexicans so it is like real healthy Mexican food. All in all…a win win situation.

My fav place to order is Midori Sushi. But they recently changed their name to Ace Sushi…because the owners wanted their restaurant to pop up on top when doing a seamlessweb search. The cunning money making ways of this place leads me to conclude that the owners are probably most definitely Koreans.

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