Just another Sammich

Piggie was forced to graze outside of her cube today. So no seamlessweb…boo. But this is good for everyone involved. Piggie can eat something super different and exciting that’s not your average lunch fare, so Piggie got a ham and cheese sandwich with extra mayonnaise!!! Cuz that’s how we do! If you like mayo, you are obviously the right type of person Piggie should be hanging out with. There were so many different stuffing choices, but obviously Piggie chose the lowest sodium and leanest, HAM. Piggie likes pork because it it not only the gift that just keeps giving, but it is also a white meat. White in Piggies mind brings up mostly positive images like lard, white truffles and charmin ultra toilet paper.

The sammich was iight. A 4 out of 10 at most. Shoulda gotten sushee.


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